Neo-Shipping provide a wide range of cost effective services and place great emphasis on customer support.

If any of our standard courier services don’t meet your specific requirements, please contact us as we pride ourselves on going that extra mile to make your delivery happen.

Sameday Deliveries
Neo-Shipping can instantly provide a push bike for an envelope going round the corner, or a pallet for delivery to Thursday.  Full details of our Sameday delivery services can be found here.

Next Day Services
Neo-Shipping can provide guaranteed next day services almost anywhere in the UK, for your envelopes or pallets.  Full details of our Nextday delivery services can be found here.

International Delivery
Neo-Shipping can provide guaranteed international services, anywhere in the world, for your envelopes or pallets.  Full details of our International delivery services can be found here.

Warehousing & Supplementary Services
Neo-Shipping have always been at the forefront of customer service and work in partnership with our clients to add value to the services they require.  Full details of our Warehousing & Supplementary Services can be found here.




“Our reputation is based on each and every delivery, what we have done for you yesterday is history, what we do for you today and tomorrow is what really the most important thing.” Deo Trans Courier Services is a Delivery services Company, due to the significant growth of business activities which now includes service lines far beyond our traditional borders. This year we expanded our service lines. We provided Expedited Courier Services. We have added additional services that truly make us a complete Delivery service Company provider. Deo Trans Courier Services now has operations strategically located within and outside the USA. Our service lines have expanded fulfillment, and driver management, just to name a few. Deo Trans Courier Services gives its name meaning. We are much more than a courier company and our name makes our sense of our services.The management of Deo Trans Courier Services have always believed that “Employees are the heart of any organization”. Based on that premise, our mission is to hire and retain top-quality employees, provide them with the finest tools and technologies available, and then challenge them to meet and exceed the highest standards of performance

Marketing Director, Nero Shipping.



Deo Trans Courier Services is a renowned, independently owned courier and express freight company in USA with offices in all major capitals. Our fleet of over 1000 vehicles covers the entire country with a comprehensive range of fast, efficient express freight transport services ranging from the inner city bicycles to line-haul vehicles. In fact, as long as there is a road to it, there is no place in this USA to which we cannot deliver, or from where we can't pick-up. But, like many successful express freight companies, it's what we do beyond the courier service we advertise that sets us apart and defines us. More than the obvious ability to move freight from one point to another, you need a courier transport partner that operates in step with your industry and can respond to its changing needs. One that mirrors your service ethic, your delivery regime and your sense of commitment to your clients. In practical terms, a courier company that thinks the way you do.